263: Episode 222 – “Is it ME or my ADHD?” with the incredible Gina McClement

Suspended Animation
Suspended Animation
263: Episode 222 - "Is it ME or my ADHD?" with the incredible Gina McClement

Welcome aboard to episode 222 of “Playing With Perspective” – The Suspended Animation Podcast!

Today, we’re shedding light on the fascinating question  “Is it ME or my ADHD?” with the incredible Gina McClement. 🧠

Let’s get to know Gina McClement a bit better. Gina’s life journey is a rollercoaster of adventures, risks, successes, and self-discovery as a passionate and creative midlife ADHDer. With a 20-year corporate career under her belt, Gina shifted gears to follow her passion. She founded Living In Bloom, a therapy practice dedicated to helping clients grow into their true selves. 🌻

Gina’s educational background is as impressive as her journey, with qualifications ranging from a Master in Counselling to being a Meditation Teacher and Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist. She’s on a mission to empower newly diagnosed adults with ADHD and help them embrace their unique brains.

Gina shares her journey into this field and what motivates her to work with ADHD individuals. We gain insight into ADHD – its definition and prevalence in today’s society. Gina explains how the study of ADHD has evolved and emphasises how important it is for an ADHDer to truly understand themselves properly to be able to then utilise and express all of their incredible gifts and superpowers! And SO much more!!

Join us for a riveting discussion filled with insights and actionable tips! Don’t miss out!

And remember to embrace your big beautiful brain! 🌟

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