The Power of Podcasting as a Marketing Tool and Content Creation Machine!

Podcasting is THE thing everyone is talking about right now. Everyone listens to them, everyone wants to be on one and most people want to have one.
That said – there are a lot of mediocre podcasts around as well.

So why should you even start a podcast?

Well the question is why shouldn’t you!

Podcasting has emerged as one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and get your message out there! It is also an incredible way to generate endless marketing content!

Learn the hidden power behind this incredible new medium from a Serial Podcaster and Podcast Coach!

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If you are ready then check out my course, “THE PODCAST ROADMAP COURSE – THE “A-Z” OF PODCASTING!

In this course, I will teach you my proven 3 “P”s of Podcasting formula (Preparation, Production, and Promotion).   

I will show you how to prepare and create your own podcast, how to produce it in a way that won’t cost loads of money and time, and how to promote it for maximum effect. You will also learn why podcasting is the mother ship when it comes to generating an endless supply of audio, video, graphic, photo, and written content to use in your daily marketing activities – and this is something that we will all need more of in the future!

Done right a podcast can cut through the noise, build your brand credibility and awareness while bringing you REAL business results!

This will be PRACTICAL and FUN!

Just some of the topics covered will include – 

  1. Why bother putting in the work to have your own show
  2. What technology do you really need and how much it will cost
  3. How to actually prepare and produce it – and how much time it will take
  4. How do you promote your podcast when you have one
  5. Why podcasting is the mother ship when it comes to generating endless written, audio, video graphic and photo marketing content! 
  6. How podcasting leads to incredible collaboration, business opportunities and business results you never saw coming!

Ever wondered what podcasting can do for your business growth?
Podcasts allow you to -


Ever wanted to start your own Podcast but don't know how?
Want to know what equipment you need to sound professional?
Don't know how to find guests for your podcast?
This course is for you!
Learn how in 3 simple sessions one on one with me..

$695 + GST
We even set you up with your first produced podcast episode so you can get the jumpstart!!


Understanding the potential of podcasting, the technology & tools needed, how to prepare yourself & your guest for an episode and how to record it..


After you have recorded your first episode we produce and launch it together


Now is the time to do something with it! I will show you how to promote the podcast to make sure you leverage it to the max!

Ready to learn how to leverage its benefits for real business results?


Podcasting Workshop in a fantastic new studio in Sydney!

Want to learn all there is to know about setting up your podcast in just 2 hrs?

Join us for a PRACTICAL and FUN session with loads of Q&A! It will also be an incredible opportunity to vocalise your ideas and develop them further with other industry peers!

Don't know how to get started with Podcasting?

Send us a message to book us for a podcasting coaching session

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