262: Episode 221 – How to create 30 days of content in just 90 minutes! with Aaron Witnish

Suspended Animation
Suspended Animation
262: Episode 221 - How to create 30 days of content in just 90 minutes! with Aaron Witnish

Hey everyone!!

Welcome to the 221st episode of “Playing With Perspective” – The Suspended Animation Podcast! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of content creation with the incredible Aaron Witnish. 🎙️

Let’s meet Aaron Witnish, the mastermind behind Content Only – a leading content marketing agency known for its unique ability to craft 30 days of compelling content in just 90 minutes every month. 🚀

In this episode, we’re eager to learn more about Aaron’s innovative approach and what motivates him in this dynamic field of content creation. Aaron sheds light on the genesis of his 30 days in 90 minutes system and shares his passion for helping personal brands streamline their content creation process. 🌟

We explore Aaron’s fascination with content and dig into the best strategies for repurposing content effectively. Additionally, Aaron offers valuable insights into the future of content and where he sees this ever-evolving landscape heading. 🌐

As we unravel Aaron’s work methodology, we gain a deeper understanding of how he leverages technology and creativity to deliver exceptional results for his clients. 🛠️

Aaron shares loads of great tips, tricks and tools to empower you to achieve content mastery. 🎧

To connect with Aaron and learn more about his game-changing content strategies, be sure to check out Content Only and tune in to his podcast. And remember, for actionable tips and key takeaways, stay tuned till the end of the episode! 🌟🔑

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