253: Episode 212 – Boosting Sales with AI: The New Game-Changer! with Razz Khan

Suspended Animation
Suspended Animation
253: Episode 212 - Boosting Sales with AI: The New Game-Changer! with Razz Khan

🎉 Get ready for a fantastic podcast adventure with episode 212 of “Playing With Perspective” – The Suspended Animation Podcast! 🎙️

Today, we’re jumping into the exciting world of “Boosting Sales with AI: The New Game-Changer!” with the amazing Razz Khan! 🚀

Who’s Razz? 🕵️‍♂️

Well, Razz is like a web design superhero, working with websites since 1990. He’s seen all the changes in this online world! Nowadays, he helps business folks with their web, social media, and SEO stuff. He’s all about making sure their strategies are super up-to-date.

But that’s not all! Razz is a digital marketing expert, which means he knows all the ins and outs of owning a business. 📈

And guess what? He’s a big believer in giving back (#payitforward) and helping business owners reach their goals. He’s here to be your business growth coach and give you custom-made solutions to make your business shine! 🌟

Now, let’s dive into the AI adventure with Razz:

🤔 What’s AI, anyway? Razz will break it down for you!

💼 Where does AI fit into business today? Should we be excited or worried?

🚀 How has AI changed the way we sell stuff? Prepare to be amazed!

💡 Can you imagine boosting your sales with AI? Razz has some mind-blowing examples!

👥 AI can help us understand our customers better. Find out how!

🛠️ What tools and platforms can businesses use to bring AI into their sales game?

📚 Want to learn more about AI? Razz has some tips to get you started.

🚫 But wait, are there any traps or challenges with AI in sales? Razz will tell you what to watch out for!

🔮 What’s the future of AI in sales? Razz has some cool predictions!

🎤 Learn about Razz’s approach to helping businesses grow.

📱 How can you connect with Razz for more awesome insights?

🚀 And finally, get ready for some fantastic tips and takeaways from Razz to boost your sales game!

So, grab your virtual seat and join us for an exciting podcast episode full of AI magic and sales-boosting secrets! 🌐💰🎉

Feel free to get in touch with Razz!





(And of course ChatGPT helped me create this summary.. 😛)

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