256: Ep. 215 – Empowering young people to navigate life’s curve balls! with Lynne Kendall

Suspended Animation
Suspended Animation
256: Ep. 215 - Empowering young people to navigate life’s curve balls! with Lynne Kendall

🎉 Hey, folks!

Get ready for a powerful episode: Welcome to episode 215 of “Playing With Perspective” – The Suspended Animation Podcast!

Today, we’re diving deep into “Empowering young people to navigate life’s curve balls” with the fantastic Lynne Kendall! 🌟

Lynne is an experienced educator who has devoted over two decades to the fields of education and psychology. Her mission is clear – equipping young people with the tools to overcome life’s challenges. 🧒📚

She’s the brains behind The Resilience Tutor, a remarkable resource that supports teachers, families, and young individuals on their resilience journey. Lynne firmly believes in nurturing young minds to become self-sufficient learners, fostering self-mastery, and a love for learning. 🧠💡

In our interview, Lynne delves into her passion for this field and what keeps her going. We explore the challenges young people face in today’s world and the incredible benefits of resilience and mental well-being. 💪🌈

Lynne shares insights on the roles of parents, teachers, and young folks themselves in building resilience. She also provides a closer look at The Resilience Tutor and how it operates. 📖📝

Stay tuned for her valuable tips and takeaways! Lynne is on a mission to empower young people with skills for life, and you won’t want to miss this inspiring conversation. 🎧

Ready to join the conversation? Don’t forget to hit that play button and absorb the wisdom shared by Lynne Kendall. 🚀✨👂

👉 Don’t forget to visit The Resilience Tutor to learn more and connect with Lynne! 😊🌐💬

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